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ANROSP promotes awareness and citizen stewardship of natural resources through science-based education and service programs.


ANROSP envisions healthy ecosystems and communities through citizens who learn, teach and practice natural resource stewardship.


The goals of ANROSP are to:

  • Provide leadership, information and resources to support the establishment and expansion of member programs nationally and internationally;
  • Serve as the primary nexus of information about natural resource outreach and service programs for natural resource professionals, volunteers and interested citizens;
  • Increase knowledge of best practices for natural resource outreach and service programs and encourage their adoption;
  • Build effective program partnerships and collaborations at the local, state and national levels

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"The class made me very aware of the many aspects of our environment. My prior interests were somewhat limited to birds, flowers, trees, etc. and the class broadened by interest to include aquatic life, rocks, fossils, insects, and other things. There is too much so learn!"

Amy Rager, Minnesota Master Naturalist Program Director


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