ANROSP 2021 National Conference

"Climate Stewardship:

The Role of Outreach and Service Programs" 

September 28-30 (10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) each day)


Registration is LIVE for the 2021 ANROSP Conference September 28-30. This year, we will explore a new theme “Climate Change Education: The Role of Outreach and Service Programs.” Join your peers from across the country as we explore how outreach and service programs are integrating climate change education into their curriculum. The 2021 conference is hosted by the University of California’s California Naturalist Program which launched a new UC Climate Stewards certification course in 2019. Keynote speakers include Dr. Julian Reyes, National Coordinator of the USDA Climate Hubs network and Dr. Amy Lethbridge of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. Please register by September 16, 2021 to receive the early bird discount.

Who Should Attend? This dynamic conference is for professionals and partner organizations who coordinate, administer, or host training and volunteer programs in natural resource conservation, education, and outreach. This conference is also ideal for those interested in networking with established program leaders and learning valuable tools to develop similar programming.

Cost: There will be a small registration fee of $50 per current member to join this year’s conference if you register by September 16. Non-ANROSP members pay $100 to register. The $100 non-member fee may be applied to a 2022 membership if approved. Please contact Blake Moore ( now to fill out a new member application. On September 17 all registration fees will go up by $50. All registrants will have access to participate in the full "live" online conference (12 hours, including 4 workshops)

Agenda: The conference will take place over 3 days (Sept 28-30) from 10 AM-2 PM Pacific Daylight Time with short breaks built into the agenda. Click here for a detailed participant agenda. All sessions will be conducted “live” online using Zoom video conferencing. All participants will need a computer with reliable internet connection and video/audio capacity.  Member attendees are encouraged to participate in all sessions if possible. Here’s what to look forward to:

Conference Workshops: Interactive workshops are organized by the ANROSP Board of Directors and members with the goal to support member programs and ANROSP as a unifying organization. Workshops will include small group breakouts and interactive discussions. 2021 workshop topics include:

  1. Best practices for climate change education. Learn about research-based best practices for climate change education and how they are being incorporated in existing programs such as the UC Climate Stewards course. Participants will have an opportunity to learn the rationale for best practices and how they are being implemented by practitioners. Participants will then chose a breakout group for a deeper dive into one of four important practices (1. place-shaped and participatory approaches, 2. social-emotional resilience - whole person and trauma-aware practices, 3. Co-design, and 4. Community-scale Collective Actions that will be highlighted. This session is perfect for anyone incorporating more climate change education into their state master naturalist program or building a new stand alone climate stewardship course. With Sarah-Mae Nelson, Greg Ira, Adina Merenlender, Jason O'Brien, and Patricia Townsend. 
  2. Urban forestry volunteers can use climate vulnerability tools to take action and inform decisions. Join us for a conversation about mitigating impact of climate change in the urban forest. We will explore adaptive management strategies for planting and maintaining a new list of species for urban ecosystems based on climate modeling scenarios, applications for implementation, and how volunteers fit into the picture. Come with ideas about how climate change is affecting YOUR urban forest systems and explore what we can do to help volunteers remain positive and effective. With LoriAnne Barnett.
  3. Practical strategies for addressing justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. This workshop builds on the JEDI presentations from last year and zooms in on practical steps for making programs more diverse, equitable, just, and inclusive. Maryland and Texas will present case studies of what they’ve done over the past year. Participants will learn practical ways to incorporate more JEDI practices into their programs from these two programs and from each other during this participatory session. With Joy Rafey, Wanda MacLachlan, Michelle Haggerty, and Mary Pearl Meuth.
  4. Exploring the nexus between climate change and biodiversity conservation. During this workshop, you will learn about the relationship between climate change and biodiversity and discuss compelling case studies that demonstrate examples of how change in climate affects biodiversity. The session includes a presentation by Cameron Barrows, PhD, Conservation Ecologist with the Center for Conservation Biology at University of California Riverside, to discuss the concept of climate refugia supporting conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem function. We aim to focus on positive and practical actions to conserving biodiversity, and share resources which you can use in your own programs as you develop curricula on this topic. With Shelly Johnson and Blake Moore.

Annual ANROSP Member Meeting: At the annual member meeting you’ll receive reports from the Board of Directors and participate in Q&A and discussion with the membership. Non-members are also invited to attend, observe, and ask questions. 

ANROSP Awards: Each year at our National Conference, ANROSP member programs are recognized with awards for program of the year, outstanding educational materials, outstanding volunteer project, outstanding program evaluation, and outstanding teamwork. Members are encouraged to nominate themselves, their program, group or volunteers for these national awards. Award recipients are announced at the conference and invited to deliver a brief presentation describing their achievements. Deadline extended to September 5th; to apply fill out this Google Form. 

Networking: A valued highlight of ANROSP national conferences is the opportunity to meet new people and connect with colleagues and programs from around the country. At the start and end of each day, entertaining activities and prompts will help us get energized and engaged with each other in smaller breakout groups and individually.

State Climate Videos: Members are invited to submit a short video addressing the prompt, “How is climate change affecting your state and how is your program responding to those changes?” Videos will be pre-recorded, and shown “live” online during the conference, each followed by Q&A with the program representatives. The videos will occur throughout the program each day. Click here for more information on video deadlines and specs. 

Conference Volunteers: There are a couple roles that we are looking for members to support:

  • Early Bird and Night Owl Networking Session Facilitators: Prior to start and immediately after each day’s formal sessions, optional networking sessions will offer an agenda-free zone designed as an informal way to connect or meet up with colleagues.
  • Zoom Interactives: To help us keep things lively and fill in any gaps, we are soliciting your best quick Zoom activities or interactives. If you have a short 5 minute activity or icebreaker, let us know and we'll try to plug it in as time permits.

Contact Greg Ira ( if you are interested in volunteering or have an activity to share. 

Seeking Sponsors: Please consider sponsoring the 2021 ANROSP National Conference. Our attendees include outdoor and environmental educators and volunteers from around the country. Support allows us to offer scholarships and travel awards to broaden member participation, build meaningful connections via virtual receptions and networking breaks, and provides opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the host state! We’ll demonstrate our appreciation by acknowledging your support on our conference website and outreach and program materials. 

Please register by September 16, 2021. Contact Greg Ira ( if you have conference questions, or are interested in volunteering or sponsoring.


Detailed Conference Agenda (Click here to download a printable PDF)

Submit a Climate Change Observations VIDEO! Members are invited to submit a short (6 minutes max this year) video addressing the prompt, “How is climate change affecting your state and how is your program responding to those changes?” The deadline to submit a video is Thursday, September 16th, 2021. Videos must be pre-recorded and submitted in advance. Videos will be shown “live” online during the conference, followed by Q&A with the program representatives.  This is an excellent opportunity to participate in the conference.


  • We encourage you to create a FUN, INTERESTING, and EDUCATIONAL video! Show us some interesting ecosystems, plants, animals, geologic, or historical features in your region. What would other “naturalists” across the country want to learn about climate change at your location?
  • Be CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL; recruit some charismatic and energetic “hosts” to guide us on a tour. Keep it natural - outdoor, interactive, unscripted, and live-action videos are preferred; narrated PowerPoint slides can be utilized strategically, and it is OK to clip together a “slide-show” of high-quality photo images, or multiple videos from different volunteers around your state.
  • NOTE: It is absolutely OK to use some existing video clips, but this should not be solely an existing ‘promo' or 'recruitment' video for your program; remember the audience  and the prompt


  • 1 video submission per attending organization; all organizations are encouraged to submit. 
  • 6 minutes max for full-length climate change observations.
  • Q&A will take place live online during the conference
  • At least 1 representative from the program should plan to be in “attendance” during the Climate Change Observations session in which the video will be shown.
  • Please use one of the following digital video formats: MP4, MOV, MPEG4, AVI. Videos will be uploaded to the ANROPS YouTube channel for public viewing.
  • If using music, please use public domain music, as to not infringe on anyone’s copyrights, or get permission from the artist and note that at the end of your video (if using your own original music, please share that info either at the end or the beginning of your workshop video).
  • Clearly introduce your program and location at the beginning of the video.
  • Remember the purpose is to provide professional learning for a diverse group. Please be inclusive in your language. Please be mindful of what may be in the background of your video as well and make sure you are presenting ANROSP, yourself, your program, and your community in a positive light.

Submitting Your Video

  • Please email Eliot Freutel at to coordinate uploading your video via a google drive link, Box account, etc.
  • Deadline to upload your video is Thursday, September 16th, 2021, earlier uploads are encouraged.
  • If >1 video is submitted per program, it will be considered on a space-available basis and may be made available to conference participants to view outside of the designated agenda.
  • By submitting your video, you are giving ANROSP permission to use it for this conference, post it publically on YouTube, as well as use in the future for the needs of the organization. ANROSP reserves the right to not use submitted videos if they do not align with our organization’s mission.
  • If you have any questions please contact


Click on the recipient's name to learn more about the 2020 award winners.  Plan to nominate yourself or a colleague for a 2021 Award! Scroll down for nomination instructions.

Program of the Year Award:

Outstanding Educational Materials:

Nature Stewards Program, Victoria

Click HERE for the 2021 Nomination Google Form and submit your nomination by Sept 5th

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